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Chris Ward Friday September 2 short range web product

Forecast updated 2:00pm EST - 7 Jan 2011

Students returning to Purdue's campus this weekend should expect cold and windy
conditions on Saturday, with temperatures stuggling to reach the low 20's and
wind chill values near zero most of the day.  Winds are expected to be out of the
Northwest at 15-20 mph.  These windy and cold conditions will generate bands of
lake-effect snow that should remain north of West Lafayette.

On Sunday, expect a slight warm-up, with temperatures
remaining in the mid- to upper-20's and lighter winds.  The following graphic displays
sea level pressure (yellow), 1000-500mb thickness (a measure of temperature, dashed)
and 6h accumulated precipitation (green shaded) for the period ending at 1pm Saturday,
8 Jan 2011.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Mike Baldwin