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9-17 days 3-7

Forecast updated 12:30pm EST - 17 September 2012

The active pattern we have been experiencing over the past few weeks will continue for
the next seven days.  After the trough passes through the area in the next two days, a ridge
of high pressure will build in.  Temperatures will stay cool though, struggling to reach 70 all
week.  This high pressure will only be here for a couple days though, before it is displaced
by our next low pressure system.  This new trough will bring somewhat cooler temperatures,
along with a chance for precipitation.

This graphic shows the GFS forecast for 8:00am Sunday, 23 September.  There will be a chance
of showers in our area the previous day.  Cooler Temperatures will continue to be the norm, with
highs below 70 for the entire seven day period.

today's long-range forecast graphic was produced by Bryce O'Neill