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8 February Current

Analysis valid 1:00pm EST 8 Feb 2011
High pressure over the Great Plains has pulled extremely frigid air from Canada across
our area and much of the United States. Clear skies and light winds allowed the low in
Lafayette to reach 4 degrees this morning, with wind chill values near -10. This high
pressure and extremely cold air will dominate our temperatures for the next couple of days--
although yielding mostly sunny skies--with lows below zero and highs in the teens.
Much of the upper-Great Plains was coated in Wind Chill Warnings and Advisories, where
values could reach as low as -35 to -45 in much of the Dakotas and Minnesota. The tight
isobars on the map below are indicative of the strong surface wind in this area. Bitterly cold
air temperatures and wind chill temperatures are also expected to remain across this region
for several more days, though probably not as severe as this morning. 
A confined area of precipitation exists across parts of Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma,
caused mostly by strong warm air advection ahead of the surface low. This area has a
chance for heavy snowfall, in upwards of 5+ inches near Oklahoma City.

Lacey Rhudy
ay's current weather graphic was produced by Mike Baldwin