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Forecast updated 4:00pm EST - 19 Jan 2011

Forecast valid 18Z on Sunday, January 23, 2011

Forecast will focus specifically on two areas: Central Indiana and Seatte, Washington.

For Central Indiana, cold air advection and negative vorticity advection will keep
us cold and dry during the day on Sunday. Neighboring high pressure systems and
low relative humidity will likely bring clear skies. Temperatures on Sunday will range
from the mid-20s for highs and near single digits for lows. Looking ahead, the area
of precipitation in the west will likely bring another round of snow to Indiana early
next week.

Meanwhile on the west coast, a huge upper-level ridge and strong surface high
pressure in the Pacific Ocean off the Washington/Oregon coast will likely allow
Seattle to see sunlight rather than rain for the weekend. Normal highs for the end
of January in Seattle are in the upper-40s. Temperatures for the weekend should
be at or above normal.

today's long-range forecast graphic was produced by Lacey Rhudy