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Forecast verification updated 3:30pm EST - 10 Jan 2011

The 1000-500 mb thickness and 12-hour precipitation totals valid 12Z on
10 January 2011. Image 1 is a 60-hour forecast from the GFS211, and image
2 is a 36-hour forecast from the same model. Image 3 is the real-time radar
image at 12Z on 10 January 2011, with 1000-500 mb thickness. The three
images are meant to show the discrepancies amongst the 2-day and 1-day
forecast to the actual observations. Although the two forecasts are in fair
agreement with the location and intensity of the precipitation, the locations
do not agree with the observed area of precipitation indicated on the radar.
There was heavy precipitation recorded in Mississippi and Alabama, but the
system seems to have moved east faster than the models anticipated.

today's forecast verification graphic was produced by Lacey Rhudy and Aaron Hurley

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3