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NOFEAR - Forecast Club

proposed plan by Megan Varcie

posted Jul 2, 2016, 9:26 AM by Michael Baldwin   [ updated Jul 2, 2016, 9:26 AM ]

I am definitely interested in keeping the Purdue Weather Service going, and I have discussed with a few other students who also seem interested. I am not sure about the status of whether it will remain a class or a club, but I have created a document that I am sharing with you on google docs of where I want it to end up. I am not sure if my goals are too lofty/unrealistic, but I have been volunteering at the NWS in Detroit/Pontiac this summer and I based my ideas off of that. I would like to become more involved with this club, and I hope this will initiate more student involvement and dedication. My ideas include roles for everyone as well as a simple outline of what each role entails.

PWS - ‎(Purdue Weather Service)‎

Future of NOFEAR/Forecast Club

posted Jul 1, 2016, 11:42 AM by Michael Baldwin   [ updated Jul 1, 2016, 11:42 AM ]

The NOFEAR class can be summed up from the syllabus from Fall semester, which said in part:

Students will work in groups, with more-experienced students taking the lead and helping the less-experienced students. This course is intended to be driven by students, not the instructor. 

For a variety of reasons, this idea did not turn into reality, and the course did not go as I hoped that it would last year. Given the low enrollment for next year, it is unlikely that the situation will improve. Therefore, I am taking NOFEAR off of the schedule for next year.

So, what happens next? 

EAPS students have been providing weather forecast information to the community either as part of a course or as a club/service since 2011. This has changed from a class to the "forecast club" and back to a class over the past several years. As of July 1 2016, there are no students participating and no plans for the future.

What is your plan?

I would like to use this webpage to host a discussion about the future of "NOFEAR" or "Forecast Club" or whatever this is going to be called. Before the fall semester begins, students need to decide whether or not a Purdue/EAPS student-led weather service will continue to exist. If the decision is yes, students need to take ownership of this service and develop a plan for operations. This plan should clearly define what roles/tasks students will fill as well as indicating a commitment for providing weather information to the community. The plan should also indicate which forecast products and services will be provided by the students.

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