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Forecast schedule

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Video Facebook/TwitterWBAA
Group Tasks
Tyler HeckstallJoe Bauer
Clarence PonslerZach Muchow
Group Leaders
Hans Taylor
Justin Buckingham
Steven Chun
Shanna Haley
Kolton Popp
Logan Downing
Doug MillerAlex Marmo 
Mary Rose Mangan
Kyle Jordan
Huan Fang
Krista M.

Rachel Bogue
Shanna HaleyAlex Marmo

*****Groups please post all updates to the Hangout so everyone can see!*****

Group Planning:
 Facebook/Twitter plan for the week:

 WBAA plan for the week:
  • We will cover empty forecast slots
  • We will try to be ready to post a quick forecast in case someone misses their slot.
  • If anyone knows that they will miss their forecast, see if someone in the hangout can do it for you or contact (email/text) someone in the WBAA group.
  •  We also will send emails, texts, and messages through the hangout to remind the scheduled person to do WBAA so we don't have any missed updates.
 Video plan for the week:
 XXX plan for the week: XXX
 Update: Derrick is allowing us to take full control but he is emphasizing his forecasts are not for Purdue but the Lafayette area.  We have talked about adding our twitter and facebook into the site.  This way everything can be accessed in same location.  

Video Link to Powerpoint

WEATHER LINKS: - NAM/GFS/RAP, includes model soundings - HRRR/NAM/GFS/RAP/ECMWF/UKMET - includes model soundings

Meteogram - model data for several variables

SREF PLUMES - model data from SPC's SREF

Model Skew-T - 
Recommended reading: Midlatitude Synoptic Meteorology: Dynamics, Analysis & Forecasting by Gary Lackmann

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