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EAPS 434 Spring 2016

verf exercise #5

YouTube Video

run your own WRF model

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fcst disc #7 diagnosis

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snowfall map for yesterday based on COOP data from IND WFO
WBAA listening area

verification assignment #2 video

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how to start nmap2 and nsharp

open a terminal window
source /export/project/a/ldm/NAWIPS/setup.csh
nmap2 &
nsharp &

Weather Analysis and Forecasting
Prof. Baldwin
EAPS 43400
CIVL 4251, 4247, and 4173
MWF 12:30-2:20pm
TTh noon-1:15pm

Learning outcomes - EAS 43400 - Weather Analysis and Forecasting

Students in this course will:
  • prepare forecast products within a working environment that is similar to what they will experience in a professional forecasting enterprise
  • use state-of-the-art tools for atmospheric data analysis to diagnose the structure of weather systems
  • evaluate the quality of forecasts using proper verification approaches
  • communicate clearly and effectively via formal scientific reports, verbal presentations, and graphical forecast products
  • execute numerical weather prediction models and apply known deficiencies in model guidance to produce improved forecasts
  • compute terms in equations of motion using real atmospheric data to quantitatively diagnose the structure of weather systems