EAPS 43300 - Fall 2017

forecasting tasks 27 Nov 2017 (20 pts total)

 task (10 pts) forecaster
 discussion facilitator Sax
 current web product Morgan
 short-range web product Taylor
 long-range web product Day
 previous web product Popp
 WxChallenge web product Eggert
 video weather briefing Mangan

note: the following are required, not bonus points
10 pts: sign up and do a forecast discussion

forecasting tasks 4 Dec 2017 (20 pts total)

 task (10 pts) forecaster
 discussion facilitator Taylor
 current web product Sax
 short-range web product Day
 long-range web product Eggert
 previous web product Mangan
 WxChallenge web product Popp
 video weather briefing Morgan

note: the following are required, not bonus points
10 pts: sign up and do a forecast discussion

lab 13


YouTube Video

lab 12

observed characteristics fronts

YouTube Video

lab 11

Q vectors

YouTube Video

lab 8 presentation

isentropic lab

YouTube Video

lab 7 presentation

forecasting lab

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forecasting tasks 2 Oct 2017

 task (10 pts) forecaster
 discussion facilitator Day
 current web product Taylor
 short-range web product Popp
 long-range web product Mangan
 previous web product Morgan
 WxChallenge web product Sax
 video weather briefing Eggert

+ 5 sign up and do a WBAA forecast update
+ 1 for each Wxchallenge forecast entered on time
+ 1 for not missing a Wxchallenge forecast this week

bonus point opportunities this week: 
+1 Wxchallenge score for KPVD < 0
+1 Wxchallenge score for KPVD < Baldwin's score
+1 volunteer for an additional forecasting task on PUMA webpage

project weather products

 product forecaster
 SLP 1000-500 thickness Popp
 850 mb temp, hght, wind Sax
 700 mb omega, RH Mangan
 500 mb vort, hght, wind Taylor
 300 mb hght, isotachs Day
 isentropic sfc: P and wind Morgan
 2m T, 10m wnd, precip Eggert

project forecasting tips

 tips forecaster
 max temp Morgan
 min temp Mangan
 max wind speed Day
 24h precip accumulation Popp
 cloud cover Sax
 surface H/L/front systems Eggert
 upper-level trough/ridge Taylor

Lab #4 - running N-AWIPS and GEMPAK on scholar.rcac.purdue.edu

Open a web browser and enter the following URL


Log in with your career account. You are logging in to “scholar”, which is a cluster of computers running linux, using “thinlinc”, which allows you to work from any machine with a web browser.

To exit thinlinc, click on the “green person” icon in the top toolbar.

Open a new terminal window in thinlinc, either click the terminal button in the lower icon menu, or select “Terminal Emulator” under Applications Menu.

In this terminal, type:

tar -xvf /scratch/scholar/m/mebaldwi/EAPS433/restore.tar

[note that you only need to do this once, when you first log in to scholar]

source the setup file for this lab:

source /scratch/scholar/m/mebaldwi/EAPS433/setup_433.profile

then run the N-AWIPS/GEMPAK program that you want to use:






forecasting tasks 25 Sep 2017

 task forecaster
 discussion facilitator Morgan
 current web product Eggert
 short-range web product Mangan
 long-range web product Sax
 previous web product Day
 WxChallenge web product Taylor
 video weather briefing Popp

extremeweathermakers.com instructions for signing in, connecting to hangout, editing a web page

YouTube Video

instructions for updating WBAA forecasts and entering WxChallenge forecasts. quick overview of sources of guidance information for WxChallenge forecasts.

YouTube Video

weather task guidelines - fall 2017

forecast process

forecast process

approximate map region for Lab #2

use NMAP2 to plot surface observations and draw contours

YouTube Video

use IDV to plot surface observations and draw contours

YouTube Video

intro to the surface station model

YouTube Video

intro to contour drawing

YouTube Video

intro to METAR code

YouTube Video

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