Huan's forecast

Updated: 5:30 pm Thursday, January 12, 2017, by Huan Fang (

Current: The extratropical cyclone caused 0.75 inches of rainfall since last night and earlier this morning. The active warm front not only brought abundant moisture for the precipitation but also raised the local temperature up to the lower 60s, approach the highest temperature since this winter. After the dissipation of warm front and the continuous propagation of cold front, the temperature started to decrease since last night. There is another cold front in Minnesota, thus the temperature will drop further.

Short term: The southeastwards motion of cold air mass will cause the dramatically 40 degrees of local temperature decrease, and reach the lower 20s tomorrow early morning. Under the control of cold air mass, the weather is expected to be pretty fair, with only a few clouds tomorrow day time. The warm air mass in Southern Great Plains and south of Ohio River will propagate north, meet with the local cold air mass, cause possible sleet then freezing rain from tomorrow night to Saturday late afternoon.

Long term: Another warm air mass from Southern Great Plains and Northern Mexico is expected to move southward by subtropical jet stream, and meet with local cold air mass. As a result, the similar process but less icy and higher water content of precipitation is expected to occur. Some sleet but mainly freezing rain is possible to begin since Sunday morning, then turn to rain during the night time. The local temperature is expected to rise above 50 again in the afternoon of next Monday.