Indiana Winter Road Weather Forecasts

FORECAST UPDATED:  Friday, March 11 2016 by Chelsea Dean ( & Jessica Bozell (

Short Range

Friday Night, 11 March - Monday, 14 March

No winter precipitation is expected for the forecast period.  Friday night temperatures will drop to the 40-55 range throughout Indiana; Vincennes to New Albany (and south of that cutoff) will be in the 50-55 range, middle Indiana to Indianapolis be in the  upper 40s to 50, and areas north of Indianapolis will be slightly cooler in the lower 40s.  Saturday, temperatures are expected to reach highs ranging from the upper 60s to lower 80s.  The location cutoffs will be approximately the same as for the lows, with the northern most parts of the state receiving the 60-70s, whereas Southern Indiana could get up to 80.  Scattered rain is expected Saturday morning around 4am in Evansville and will gradually move north to the middle of the state from 7am-4pm.  Rain is not expected to be significant.  However, Saturday night, more rain will come in through the south part of the state again.  Rain will cover the state by 1am and is expected to stay over Indiana for the rest of Sunday and will remain scattered throughout Monday for the areas south of Indianapolis.  Saturday night will see lows 45-60, with areas north of Lafayette in the upper 40s and lower 50s.  Highs will range from 50-70 Sunday; with the northern most part of the state (Valparaiso through Elkhart) in the lower 50s, and the rest of the state varying from 55-70.  Sunday night and Monday are currently expected to receive high and low temperatures similar to the previous day's.  Rain will likely move out of Indiana by Monday evening.  

Long Range

Tuesday, March 15 - Friday, March 18

Tuesday night around 7pm, a large precipitation system is expected to move across the state, bringing 0.3-0.8" of rain to most of the state. The largest amounts of rain are expected to be in the northern half of the state. The system should clear out by early Wednesday morning. Light precipitation could cross the northern half of the state Wednesday evening, but precipitation totals are expected to be less than 0.1".

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