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FORECAST UPDATED: 1:50 pm Monday, Dec 22, 2014 by Tyler Heckstall (

Summary: Tracking several Winter Storm systems this week. Accumulating snow is possible Wednesday.

The first low pressure system to affect the area this week will be moving out early Tuesday bringing a lull before another strong Winter Storm system arrives Tuesday night into Wednesday. With the first system, all of the state will be in the warm sector allowing surface temperatures to stay in 40s Tuesday. A few rain showers are possible before the afternoon hours Tuesday. As the second system approaches from the south Tuesday evening additional rain showers should move in and linger into Wednesday.

For Wednesday, the track of this system still remains somewhat uncertain. However, it now appears that a band of heavy, wet accumulating snow is possible in the cold sector of this system. Snowfall totals in this area may approach 3-7", with locally higher amounts, by Wednesday night. The model solutions differ the track of the storm greatly, but there are two possible scenarios that would have the greatest impact on the weather across. The first and worst scenario has the center of the low pressure tracking through western Ohio and delivering band of rain transitioning to heavy, wet snow during the early afternoon across the majority of the state Wednesday. The second scenario is having the center of the low pressure tracking right through Indiana, and thereby, placing the band of heavy snow mostly through Illinois. Both scenarios, however, are expected to be accompanied by strong, gusty winds that may approach 35mph at times. Right now, just be prepared the fairly high likelihood of the season's first major accumulating snowfall event Wednesday.

The Winter Storm affecting the state Wednesday is projected to exit the state during the overnight hours and lingering moisture from this system may produce a few snow showers during the day Thursday across the state. Any accumulations from this will be light. Also, in wake of this system, a relatively strong northwest wind flow should develop and this may produce enough "fetch" off of Lake Michigan to produce some lake effect snow showers in Northern Indiana. Keep in mind that with the breezy conditions any snow that accumulates both Wednesday and Thursday may blow onto roadways, so blowing snow will also be a concern Thursday.

For Friday, a weaker system is projected to be ejected from the Rocky Mountains, and although weak, it may contain sufficient moisture to produce some light precipitation by the evening hours. Temperatures are expected to warm substantially ahead of this system. Any precipitation that falls during the evening hours Friday should fall as rain. The cold front associated with this weak system should end the precipitation early Saturday. The colder temperatures may produce a few light snow showers before ending some time during the morning hours Saturday. 

Forecast map: (midnight - midnight Tuesday Dec 23)

Forecast map: (midnight - midnight Monday Dec 22)

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