Indiana Winter Road Weather Forecasts

FORECAST UPDATED: 2:00 pm Friday February 12 , 2016 by Alida Donnelly (  & Jessica Bozell (

Short Range Forecast:

Northeastern Indiana will see the lake effect snow end by noon on Saturday. Otherwise, the state will stay dry on Saturday. By Sunday morning, snow will push into the western portions of the state. By Sunday night, the whole state will be receiving snow. The southern edge of the state will receive more snow, as it could be in the range of 3-6 inches along the Ohio River. The north central part of the state along the Michigan border could receive up to 3 inches, but that will be due to more lake effect snow.

Long Range Forecast: Valid for Tuesday February 16 through Friday February 19

On Tuesday, there is a chance for snow as a clipper might move across the state. In the southern portion of the state on Tuesday, surface temperatures might reach above freezing resulting in rain or a wintry mix depending on how warm or cold the temperatures become. Through the rest of the week, drier weather is expected along with a warming in temperatures to above freezing across the state. There is a chance for rain Friday afternoon. 

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