Short-term analysis

For the short term I wanted to look at the strong precipitation that was going to be taking place out west for tomorrow.

To start we can see at 12z there is a large amount of precip to be occuring to the north of California and overall showers throughout the entire state of Oregon. So after seeing this I then wanted to see why they were getting rain. The image to the right of the precip is the geo vorticity at 500 mb. We can see there is a strong positive vorticity sitting over this region at this time but with negative forcing on each side.

The temperatures are experiencing slight, positive warm advection.

When analyzing the 850 mb heights, temperatures and winds we are able to see frontgenesis as well. We can see there is not a lot of advection on the west side of positive vorticity the of the system (where the negative vort is) but on the east side we can see the shift in winds causing deformation. This is another indication for the precipitation that is occuring.