Oct 20 long-range outlook

For this long-range outlook I'm analyzing the nor'easter that will be hitting the east coast by mid to end of this week.

(500 mb temps & winds) (850 mb heights & winds)

To start I began looking at the 500 mb and 850 mb heights and winds. We can see the winds starting to build and get stronger as the low progresses to the east. In the upper atmosphere we are seeing intense and strong winds in correlation to this storm.

(500 mb vorticity) (temp advec)

Looking now at the vorticity and temperature advection, we are seeing a strong omega forcing in the vorticity. There is even a large (negative) omega singled out directly in the center of this storm. This is indicating the large potential intensity this storm will have. We can expect to see lots of precipitation along the right side of the low pressure system. Looking at the temperature advection, the east will see a warm air advection to the north and cold air advection to the south. The temperature differences. There is a very strong difference in temperature being shown on the map.


Conferiming to what was stated before we can see the strongest precipitation on the north to north-east side of the low pressure system. Rain totals could near an inch and that is for this particular time stamp.