Long Range


Beginning Thursday morning around midnight, the GFS is showing a deepened trough system passing across the Midwest and northern portion of the southern states causing a great deal of vorticity advection to create lift around Indiana. Coupled with 700mb moisture and some southerly warm air advection, there is a possibility of light snow accumulation statewide into the early afternoon on Thursday. This trough will be bringing freezing rain, sleet, snow, and other wintry mix into Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina according to the critical thicknesses.

Moving through into Friday morning around 7am, the GFS is showing a vort max passing through Indiana coupled with 700mb moisture once more allowing for a possibility of heavy snowfall accumulation up into Saturday morning around 1am. The southwestern (Vincennes district) most part of Indiana may experience some freezing rain.

Saturday evening around 7pm, another vort max is setting up to pass through Indiana well into the early morning on Sunday for a possibility of more snowfall accumulation for the northeastern portion of the state. Freezing rain and wintry mix will be highly likely from central Indiana to southwestern Indiana depending on where the critical thicknesses lie as we approach this date.

Monday evening around 7pm there is another vort max pushing through with some moisture aloft that could possibly create a light snow storm.across the northeastern portion of Indiana. Freezing rain, sleet, and wintry mix again are highly likely across central and southwestern Indiana.


A small clipper system will pass to the north of our area on Thursday night - Friday morning. Light snow is possible over the northern part of the state of Indiana, but not much accumulation will be likely. Higher amounts of snow accumulation can be expected over parts of Michigan.

Of greater significance, models are predicting snow to develop and move up the east coast, which could bring heavier snow/winter precipitation to the east coast on Thursday. Places such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Another storm system is predicted to move our way over the weekend. This will be another clipper system, so it will move through quickly and without too much precipitation. However, along the track of the low pressure system, there will be a few inches of snow accumulating. This could occur over the Lafayette area on Saturday.

Meanwhile, rainy season has hit the west coast of the US, with rain occurring frequently last week and this week over parts of California, Washington, and Oregon, with snow in the higher terrain.