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For Indiana, temperatures will become less extreme during the next couple of days, with highs 25-30 F on Thursday and 20-25 F on Friday. A low pressure system moving into the area will bring increasing winds on Thursday night, with winds shifting to the west/northwest at speeds of up to 35 knots through Friday morning. Precipitation associated with this low could affect the area Friday morning through early afternoon, with a possibility of a dusting of snow, between 0.2 and 0.6 inches, along with a chance of a bit of freezing rain mixed in.

Meanwhile, the low pressure system currently affecting the southeastern United States will linger through tomorrow afternoon/evening before pushing off to the north. Strong cold advection moving through Georgia early Thursday will bring a higher chance of snow for the area during this time, with 1-2 inches possible. This, combined with rain, freezing rain, and sleet which will continue today into the switch over to snow tomorrow morning, will make conditions hazardous. Because temperatures will be so close to the freezing point while this system moves through, there is still a great amount of uncertainty about the precipitation types that could occur across the state, as well as the amounts of each precipitation type expected.

Low moving through Indiana bringing chance of precipitation during morning on Friday:

Snow and freezing rain affecting Georgia:

Cold advection moving into Georgia: