INDOT Technical

Another clipper-type system is bringing widespread precipitation across much of the state today. The low pressure is scooting along to the south, right along the 540 thickness line, and is creating a good amount of lift while associated with an upstream, upper-level vorticity maximum.

One point of concern is the fact that models generally indicated precipitation would remain mostly in the southern and central districts, however it is currently snowing in northern areas of the Crawfordsville and Greenfield districts. The system also has rain associated with it in areas farther south, towards Evansville, which is another point of concern. It is raining now in the southern areas, but as the low pushes past and the cold air advection sets in dropping heights and temperatures, what is falling now will freeze making for rather treacherous driving conditions.

Tomorrow will be relatively calm in comparison to today, a high pressure system will have some affects on the state.