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SUMMARY: Tuesday morning temperatures will rise, high possibility of rain statewide Wednesday and Thursday

The GFS model is showing temperatures rising around the Midwest and Ohio Valley area as warm air is being moved up northward from the Gulf of Mexico. Surface temperatures around Indiana are expected to be between 30-45 degrees Fahrenheit starting Tuesday afternoon around 2pm. Wednesday afternoon around the same time shows that the surface temperatures will even get up to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a high possibility of scattered rain showers across Indiana beginning around 1am Wednesday morning up through to late evening ending with heavier precipitation in the southern portion of the state. Beginning Thursday early morning around 4am the probability of heavy rain statewide is high and this will accumulate through well into late evening hours. The northern portion of the state may experience freezing rain and wintry mix as temperatures will start to decrease in the area Friday morning around midnight. Precipitation accumulation amounts cannot be predicted yet since these systems are still too far out.

Once these showers pass, the Midwest and Ohio Valley area will see drops in temperature as colder air is brought down from the north. Expect to see surface temperatures around the mid-30's starting late Thursday evening until Saturday.

High possibility of heavy rain showers within the circled area.