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We have some interesting weather occurring in the next week. As for Indiana, it looks like we can expect some warmer temperatures in our region as some strong warm air advection occurs on Tuesday following the passage of another low pressure center. There is some disagreement between the models, with the NAM showing significantly higher precipitation amounts, particularly in our area. This system could drop a high amount of precipitation in our region with its high amount of PVA and high values of omega.

Sporadic showers will occur on Wednesday, building up to a decent storm system that will affect the area on Thursday. A strong jet streak directly above Indiana coupled with some WAA could also lead to some high precip amounts in our region.

The real interesting event to watch for looks to be heading to our area Saturday night into Sunday morning. An extremely deep trough make its way through the Eastern portion of the continental U.S. and could cause some real travel concerns. This system has everything it needs to really cause some havoc: WAA, high amounts of omega, an extremely strong jet core aloft and some very strong vorticity/vorticity advection.

Image obtained from the College of Dupage. Click here for more info.

(sorry Baldwin, nmap2 does not show this jet streak in nearly as much detail so I thought I'd use this instead)

In other parts of the U.S., the Pacific Northwest looks like it will continue to suffer from the upper level ridge (See 500 hPa heights .gif below) that continues to bring precipitation to the region.