Short Range - Public

For Saturday in Indiana as a short wave low pressure system is moving out of the south it will be taking the snow with it for the next day. A cold front associated with the low would have already passed bringing us below freezing temperatures for Saturday and Sunday. With the presence of a high pressure system moving through we should see some temperatures begin to rise into the upper 20s associated with warm air advection.

As the weekend is ending Indiana will see another clipper system that is expected to bring about 1-2" of snow almost state wide. following this short wave we will have a building ridge over our area coming from the west that will bring some ease to our winter and bring warmer temperatures into the high 30s and lower 40s in the beginning of the week. Associated with this warming will be some precipitation that the models are showing to be sleet for Lafayette and rain for the southern half of the state. The northern part of the state should be hit with anywhere from 2-4" of snow.