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Written by Ryan Dennis

SUMMARY: Persistent cold temperatures until Wednesday evening, high probability of scattered rain showers moving through Thursday afternoon into the evening, post-storm cold temperatures.

This week it seems that the persistent cold temperatures will have a warm break starting Thursday afternoon around 2pm as warmer air is being forced northward at least until the evening hours around 10pm. Surface temperatures could reach up to 65 degrees fahrenheit in southern and central Indiana and up to 50 degrees fahrenheit for the northern part of the state. Once a highly likely heavy storm system passes through the Midwest and Ohio Valley areas on Thursday, we should be seeing temperature drops once more as a cold front pushes through with high pressure behind it. Surface temperatures are predicted to drop down to between 20-30 degrees fahrenheit through well into Friday morning.

Early Wednesday morning starting around 2am, there is a slight possibility of light scattered snow for northern Indiana until about 8am with a maximum accumulation of 1 inch. Beginning Thursday afternoon around 3pm scattered rain showers statewide are highly possible with the warming temperatures for the day. Highest rain accumulations, being no more than a few inches, are predicted to be in the northern portion of the state near La Porte and Fort Wayne districts according to the models. Icing can be expected to occur once temperatures begin to drop after this low pressure system moves through.

This image was taken from COD Meteorology's webpage. Please click on the link to learn more.

As seen above, this image shows the warming that this low pressure system will be bringing Thursday afternoon along with the rain showers.