Long Range Public

This warm weather wont be lasting for long as we will be diving back into the cold and winter conditions after this brief warm up that many if not all of us will be enjoying.

There's a system between the Saturday-Sunday time-frame that could impact a portion of our state, too early to tell right now, but latest trends have been showing this system to be relatively weak possibly 1-3 inches of snow. By the end of the weekend though, colder air will be filtering in and high temps will drop back into the 20's next week and there are signs that we could see a return of some extreme arctic conditions.

Might see another weak weather system come in from the northwest around Tuesday to impact our area. Nothing significant, looks like up to two inches right now at the most.

No major winter weather seem to be showing up on the "radar" right now so at least while it will be cold, it should be staying relatively dry.

Going into fantasy land, it shows a branch of the polar vortex breaking apart and sinking into our region once again, could be round three of this cold pattern around next weekend.

For all of you who were hoping for this warm weather to continue for the rest of the month, better pack your bags, because you won't be seeing it here.