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Rain will move into the state on Thursday morning as an area of low pressure moves towards us. This will bring heavy rain, with the chance of a possible thunderstorm as well. By Thursday night, rain totals will be between half an inch and an inch. Temperatures on Thursday will reach 50F-55F by the afternoon. These warmer temperatures will lead to even more melting snow, which when combined with the high rainfall totals, will bring the chance of flooding. After temperatures top off around 50F on Thursday afternoon, they will quickly decline as strong cold air advection moves into our area. Temperatures will dip to back into the 30s by Thursday evening. This cold air advection will also bring strong winds into our area. Wind speeds on Friday will be between 20-30 mph, but gusts could reach 45 mph or more. Friday will be dry but cold once again, with temperatures reaching around 40F by the afternoon.

Rain moves into the area ahead of an area of low pressure on Thursday morning:

Strong cold air advection moves in on Thursday evening, dropping temperatures and bringing high winds: