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Written by Ryan Dennis, valid 1849Z.

SUMMARY: Stable air sitting over the Midwest Area and Ohio River Valley as midlatitude cyclone passes through into the Northeastern portion of the country. East coast receiving heavy precipitation and some thunderstorms have been reported.

With the passing of Thursday's storm system, colder air from Canada is being advected into the Midwest which has dropped temperatures into the mid-30s. As the low to the north of us passes, the atmosphere will become more stable so it is highly unlikely that we will be receiving precipitation or any storm activity today and tomorrow.

High positive vorticity advection is creating a forcing for lift along with a jet streak along the East Coast which is producing the rain showers throughout the area. No warm air advection along the East Coast, just cold air being brought behind this surface cold front pushing through.

Other than the activity along the East Coast, the rest of the country seems to be pretty quiet for today except for northern Wyoming and northern Great Lakes area snow reports.

Taken from COD Meteorology please click the link to learn more.

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