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Forecast posted at 2:00pm February 21, 2014

From the early afternoon Sunday through Monday there is a possibility for a heavy rainfall in the South near Louisiana extending through Florida. In the same time range, a stream of Westward-moving precipitation extending from Kentucky to the North-eastern coast is indicated by the models. Temperatures for this system will likely be below freezing and cold enough for snow, but other winter mixed precipitation types could be possible in the Southern Midwest. The intensity and size of both storms are light but currently uncertain. If the temperatures are cold enough for snow, areas in Southern to Central Indiana could see up to a couple inches of snow early Sunday morning.

Another precipitation system will be set to build in the South again on Monday night over Louisiana and Mississippi while another band of precipitation also appears to pass across the Midwest. Temperatures will be well below freezing and light snow is expected into the morning.

Starting Tuesday night, temperatures across the nation will decrease significantly, as cold air from Canada will move Southward. The Dakota's and the Midwest will see air temperatures possibly near or below zero. The coldest air will move through Indiana on Tuesday afternoon as a High Pressure lies to the South-west. See image below. The Midwest will remain fairly dry throughout the week.

Created by Grant McKercher