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As this storm system continues to push to our north into Canada, its impacts will still be felt here in Indiana. Because the storm system is very strong, with a very deep pressure, that is causing strong winds to develop and will be blowing out of the west with gusts between 20-35mph. We will be seeing some mixed sun and clouds. For Saturday, temperatures will warm up briefly into the low 40's before a cold front will be weeping through the area by around Saturday night. Temperatures will be dropping to below freezing and a band of precipitation will be developing somewhere across the state. It currently looks that most of the precipitation will be falling as snow but temperatures near the surface will be near or above freezing so am not anticipation much accumulation. 1-3 inches looks reasonable. The forecast models are having some mixed results with some of them. One model in particular has a spread from zero to 9.8 inches. Although I am not anticipating that much snow, we could have enough to cause some travel problems since it doesn't take much to cause them. Temperatures Sunday look to reach near 30 but expected to stay below freezing. For any of you who are hoping for a rebound in temps, you should leave as soon as possible because a downward trend in temps is expected for the next 7-10 days.