Long Range Public - Coffman

It looks to be a fairly calm late work week for the state of Indiana, with cold temperatures being the predominate factor as high pressure dominates the region. One small snow system will make its way across the lakes on Thursday. However, looking to this weekend and early next week, the chances of accumulating snow increase across the Midwest/upper Ohio valley. The first of these chances of snow comes on Friday night/Saturday as a storm system moves northeast out of Texas. Current indications show the heaviest snow well to the south over Kentucky/Tennessee, with just light snow over the tri-state area. The more concerning storm moves from Texas further north on Monday. Although it is still a week out, current indications show that somewhere in the midwest/Ohio Valley could see a winter storm to begin the month of March. A lot could still change, but this is definitely a storm that we will be monitoring as we go through time, and as this record winter rages on.

This map describes some current thinking for these 2 weekend storms, but keep in mind that these could and most likely WILL change over the next week!