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Analysis valid 2:00pm EST 24 Feb 2014

Not much is occurring in Indiana or the country in general today. Indiana is clear with temperatures ranging from the low 20s in the north to the mid to high 30s in the south. There are a few clouds moving into the area in advance of some very light snow expected this evening for central Indiana. Accumulations don't look to exceed 1" for the affected area. Winds are fairly light out of the west for much of the state, which is bringing in the cold air that the state is experiencing.

Elsewhere around the country eastern Nebraska into western Iowa is currently experience some moderate to heavy snow. This area is predicted to see anywhere from 1-4" with the possibility for locally higher totals. This system will move east and weaken by the time it reaches Indiana. Snow totals aren't expected to be more than 1" as mentioned above.

Washington is also seeing moderate precipitation, mostly in the form of rain, but some snow has been reported.

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Map showing cold air advecting into Indiana today. Image provided using GMEPAK software.

Map showing current satellite data and some surface observations. Some thin clouds moving into central Indiana, but most of the state is relatively clear. Image provided using GMEPAK software.

Most recent radar image showing precipitation over eastern Nebraska and western Iowa that will eventually push into Indiana this evening. Image provided using GMEPAK software.

Radar image showing rain and snow in Washington. Image provided using GMEPAK software.

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