Quiet weather right now over the Central portion of the country with a passive high pressure pushing southward from Canada. This will allow another cold night here in Indiana. We have a slow moving system down in the Southeast associated with some shower and thunderstorm activity, Nothing severe as of yet but there is a weak MCS propitiating through North Central FL. Out west, a system is currently pushing onshore and will be proving California with some much needed precipitation. This system will be the first of two waves that will be moving eastward and heading to our direction. This storm out west is the energy source for our possible light snowfall Friday night into Saturday. As for here in Indiana, there are some upper level clouds moving in from the north which could air in the amount of radiational cooling tonight preventing temperature from dropping too low which is coming from a surface low up in southern Canada. After this front sweep to the north of us though, another high will be behind it allowing for another cold day tomorrow.