Long-Range Public

A large system will be coming into Indiana Saturday night/early Sunday morning and with it comes a variety of winter weather. Areas north of Indianapolis can expect all snow with this system, with most places expecting five or more inches. There is a lot of uncertainty right now with amounts, but significant amounts are likely. Indianapolis and areas just south of there could get more of a mix of snow and sleet with this system, but right now it is still looking like mostly snow. Snow totals here are still topping five inches, but these could change as we get closer to the forecast time. Southern Indiana has a good chance to see just about every type of precipitation. Periods of freezing rain could change into snow and then back again, so people should exercise caution if they need to be on the road. Snow amounts there drop to about one inch, while freezing rain and sleet amounts could be just over an inch and a quarter of an inch respectively.

Temperatures will range from the teens in the far north of the state to the mid to upper 40s in the south on Saturday. After the system moves through, temperatures will drop significantly on Tuesday. Most of the state will struggle to get above zero, so there will be little respite from the cold temperatures in the coming week.

Forecasted precipitation types for the Saturday, March 1 through Monday, March 3 winter system for Indiana.