Short Range Public - Coffman

The short range features some very cold by dry air over the midwest with some lows below 0 and highs only reaching the teens. Over the upper midwest where snow is still on the ground, temperatures are even colder. However, no major storm systems are impacting the midwest/Ohio Valley at this time.

Some of the most interesting weather of the next few days is taking place out west, where some much needed rain is falling over California, even southern California. This could move into Arizona as well to bring some heavy rain, so they may have to watch out for some flooding over the next couple days.

After this, a quick moving storm system will move through Oklahoma and Texas and into the Tennessee River valley. This could bring some snow to parts of Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, and more as it moves quickly off to the east. It won't be a huge winter storm but could cause some significant impacts for places in the south that are not used to dealing with snow as frequently as the midwest. Something to keep an eye on before we look towards the weekend storm system.