Long Range

It looks as though we will not see a break from the cold temperatures in the foreseeable future. After the system on Tuesday (and going into Wednesday) passes, we will be directly under a large high pressure system that will bring highs into the single digits during the day on Thursday. Temperatures will slightly increase from there on out, possibly reaching the low teens on Friday and the high teens/low 20's on Saturday. We may see a chance of snow showers Saturday afternoon, however accumulations will be quite small. However, we will not be spared from the snow for long according to model predictions. A strong low pressure system will move through early Sunday and could bring some very heavy heavy precipitation into our region: with a perfect mixture of high amounts of vorticity, relative humidity, and strong warm advection coming in from the Gulf, this system has all the ingredients necessary to dump large amounts of precipitation throughout the eastern Midwest and Eastern states. With such cold temperatures at the surface and aloft, we could see some very large snowflakes falling in Lafayette, with current model estimates placing it around 5-8”. With it being so far ahead, this model output should definitely be taken with a grain of salt, but this amount of precipitation could have a very large effect on the Ohio Valley region: regions close to the river could experience a very dangerous mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

Sunday 1800UTC, center of Low pressure Southeast of Indiana.

Monday 10th February, by 0600UTC, snow accumulation of between 5-8 inches possible.