11:00 pm November 7th update

Post date: Nov 8, 2013 4:58:20 AM

Cooler temperatures will remain with us until a warm front passes through Friday night bringing warmer temperatures on Saturday. Be on the lookout for more active weather early next week as a strong cold front sweeps into the area bringing a slight chance of rain changing to snow as early as Monday night.

My sources of information came from the NWS forecast as well as the GFS models provided by NCAR. The only changes I made were to the high temperatures on Sunday due to a cold front moving in slightly sooner than expected the night before and I added the forecast for Saturday evening. I included increasing cloudiness on the Saturday night forecast due to a cold front that will be passing through that evening. Other than the forecast model moving slightly faster, it is remaining fairly consistent and I did not see a need for any other changes.

-Krista McEnany