Feb 18th - 6pm update

Post date: Feb 18, 2014 11:05:10 PM

A cold front will move across the area later on tonight. There is little to no moisture with this system and will not begin to form showers until it's well south and east of the Lafayette area. However, a potentially strong storm system will move our way on Thursday. A warm front will move into area in the early morning hours on Thursday, bringing in warm moist gulf air from the south with temperatures possibly in the mid 50's, this will also give us the threat of severe thunderstorms. The best threat for severe weather will be in the late afternoon to early evening. Strong winds associated with a squall line is a good possibility. With the combination of warm temperatures, rain and melting snow pack, there is a good possibility of flooding in the area. The Cold front with this storm system should pass the area in the evening hours on Thursday and cold, drier will follow behind it.

Matt Seedorf