Forecast changes 11/19/13 AM

Post date: Nov 19, 2013 6:40:47 AM

Made a few adjustments based on the latest model runs. Brought a chance of rain on beginning Wednesday night. The rain looks to be near or after midnight. May consider raising rain chances on Thursday and Friday as models come into more agreement, but it is pretty clear that we are going to get rain with this storm system. Nailing the timing down will be the key here.

Also, this storm will bring colder temperatures and very windy conditions on Saturday. The GFS and "The Answer" have both been hinting at snow showers with a little bit of leftover moisture interacting with the lakes and the backside of the low. Based on uncertainty in timing I will go with "chance of rain and snow showers" for now but will likely need to change that to just be snow showers for Saturday.