Jan 30 noon update

Post date: Jan 30, 2014 4:41:17 PM

current satellite showing breaks in clouds to our west, so went partly sunny this afternoon, might need to boost high temps into mid 30s category. reduced precip chances tonight, although there are some light snow reports in Iowa on the tail end of the system to our west, and WRF showing a brief period of light precip this evening. took out mentions of sleet for Friday night and Saturday, model soundings are not showing deep cold air, so a mix of snow, rain, and freezing rain is more likely. surface temps will be tricky, even if air temps are below 32, thinking the road surfaces will remain above freezing during the day on Saturday with some solar heating, even with cloud cover. not expecting large ice accumulation, so not going with major headlines about an ice storm, although some accumulation on trees and wires could produce power outages and other hazards. this will need to be added to the headline if upcoming forecasts turn colder with low level temps. some of the models are bringing the "big storm" in earlier next week, so might need to add precip chances to next Tue in afternoon update