Hahus and McGregor January 17 Current

YESTERDAY - Wednesday started mostly cloudy to overcast with light snow showers starting around 8:00 in the morning. These came to end around 2:00 PM and the rest of the afternoon remained overcast with temperatures hovering around 30. Around 7:00 in the evening, another quick burst of snow came through the area with .2 inches of snow, giving a total of 2 inches for the area.

TODAY - More light snow came through the area early, starting around 3:00 AM and continued through the early morning hours, leaving an additional .4 inches. Temperatures fell from the high 20s to the current temperature of 12 with skies remaining overcast. There is a chance for scattered showers later in the afternoon, though these should end by 4:00 PM. It will remain mostly cloudy with a temperature reaching a high of 16.

TONIGHT - A slight chance of snow until 7:00 which then tapers off to a chance for flurries before coming to an end. Mostly cloudy with a low of 8.