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Thursday's forecast for Indiana called for frigid temperatures statewide with highs in the mid-single digits. This forecast turned out to be correct, as temperatures in the cities of Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Indianapolis reached no higher than 8 degrees F. The forecasted gusty winds also occurred, as they brought wind chills across the state to values of -25 to -20 degrees.

The forecast for Thursday also called for possible precipitation in the extreme northern parts of Indiana due to lake-effect snow and this was verified by some light accumulations that occurred in Fort Wayne in the afternoon. However, this precipitation ended up stretching further south than predicted, as there were some observed snow showers as far south as Indianapolis.

The bitterly cold temperatures forecasted for Thursday night arrived as well, as strong cold advection continued throughout Indiana. Temperatures reached into the single-digit negatives across nearly the entire state resulting in the extreme wind chill values that occurred.