Short Range Forecast

Analysis valid 2:00pm EST 24 Jan 2014

The next few days see a clipper system coming in Friday night and will be quickly followed by another on Sunday. The temperature will begin to rise over Friday night, but an front coming in from the Northwest will bring some lighter snow starting at midnight and the heaviest snowfall will be seen at around 4am. By 10am it tapers off in the Lafayette area, leaving a total accumulation of 1-3 inches. Temperatures will peak at about 20 degrees early Saturday morning, but will quickly drop again to around zero by late evening. More snow will start falling on Sunday morning and will persist through till late afternoon, bringing an additional 1-2 inches. Temperatures will rise throughout Sunday reaching up the lower thirties in the late afternoon.

A strong vorticity maximum entering Indiana on Saturday

Strong warm advection on Friday.

snow accumulation plot

Snow Accumulation model projections

today's current weather graphic was produced by Grant