Models show zonal flow continuing on Thursday through Sunday which should allow temperatures to be near-average for the rest of the week. A cold front is predicted to move into Indiana early on Friday and is forecast to linger around the state throughout the weekend.

With this lingering front comes the chance for some precipitation throughout the weekend as a low pressure system rides along the front. The first potential for snow appears to be on Friday as the front moves into Indiana. Models are currently showing a significant accumulation of 3-4 inches of snow for this system in the northern half of the state, while the southern half of the state could recieve 4-6 inches before it moves out on late Friday.

Another system is forecast to move into the region out of the southwest on late Saturday bringing more precipitation to Indiana. This appears to be a much more complex system as it will bring in warm air ahead of it. Because of this, precipitation type is still uncertain for the southern part of the state, while areas north of Indy should see all snow, albeit minimal amounts.