Current Weather - Gimbel and Dennis

Currently in Indiana, we are experiencing clear and sunny skies as high pressure is in place over the state. The flow is gradually changing to more of a southerly pattern, bringing a slight warm up into the 20's today and the 30's tomorrow. Winds are also very calm over much of the state.

Surface temperatures are well below freezing level in the Midwest with stable air throughout this passing high pressure system and ridge pattern.

Satellite imagery showing clear skies. You can also see the snow pack across the northern part of the state.

METAR reports throughout the Midwest are showing clear skies, minimal wind, and also very cold temperatures.

It's mostly quiet across the country today, with just a few snow showers in Montana and Idaho. A few rain showers and freezing rain are still left over from yesterday's mess in the southern states. There are also a few rain showers in California as well as in Oregan and Washington. Colder temperatures continue to dominate the Great Lakes and East Central regions of the country and will continue to for the next few days.

Current Traffic Cam around the Atlanta area.