SUMMARY: Right now, light snow is moving across the northern and central part of Indiana. The snow is fairly light, but it will continue to the north of a stationary front located in south-central Indiana and stretching throughout the Ohio Valley. Warmer air will slowly make its way into our area, which will impact some of the SHORT range forecasts for the storm system overnight tonight and into Saturday.

Warm air advection is beginning to occur over the state this afternoon. According to the NAM 12Z run, the temperature advection for 850 mb was around 0.12 C/hr, but as we've headed into the afternoon, it has increased to 0.51 C/hr.

This graphic shows the light snow we will be seeing through the afternoon north of a stationary front. The conditions to the south of the front are much warmer, with the winds from the south, whereas it is cooler to the north. However, for the remainder of this afternoon and early evening, 5400 and 1290 thicknesses will be to the south of us, meaning precipitation type will remain SNOW.

This graphic shows the omega values are small, but enough to cause some light snow.