Degollado Practice Forecast

FORECAST UPDATED: 1:15 pm EST Thursday January 16, 2014 by Matthew Degollado (

Summary: Colder temperatures move in as system begins to leave area to make way for a shortwave on Saturday.

Cold temperatures move in overnight to below freezing and will rise to the upper teens midday. There is a small chance of precipitation due to low relative humidity throughout the state. Toward the northern part of the state some lake-effect snow could be possible for the Southbend area if the winds continue to make a shift from westerly to northwesterly. Central Indiana will see cloudy conditions with continued strong winds of 15 MPH and gusts up to 19 MPH.

La Porte district forecast/discussion

La Porte district is expected to see some flurries scattered later in the day due to some advection that is coming from Lake Michigan. Temperatures will stay below freezing throughout most of the day but will rise just enough for some precipitation Thursday evening.

Fort Wayne district forecast/discussion Fort Wayne district has a low chance of precipitation with humidity staying low and moderate winds continuing to blow through the area. The coldest part of the system passing through will remain in the area all day giving way to slightly warmer conditions overnight.

Forecast map valid midnight-midnight: Friday, January 17, 2014.