Lucy McGregor practice INDOT

FORECAST UPDATED: 1:15 pm EST Thursday January 16, 2014 by Lucinda McGregor (

Summary: Snow storm expected to start in the North of Indiana and will move South throughout the day, decreasing in intensity.

An incoming storm from the North-west will mean that snow will be highly likely in the North-west of Indiana on Friday morning and progressing Southward throughout the day. This will cause low visibility and caution should be taken if journeys must be made. Snow is likely to continue to fall throughout the morning leaving a total accumulation of 2-4”, but the system will weaken as we get into the afternoon, and the snow will start to fade. The south should remain clear with a chance of sunny intervals in the morning, but conditions will deteriorate slightly as the day goes on and the system moves further south. There may be the occasional snow flurry in this area, but accumulation should not exceed 0.5-1”.

All precipitation should have ceased by late afternoon, and the colder temperatures that are following this weather, will leave roads in the Northern part of the state as potentially slick and dangerous to travel on. Roads in the south should remain reasonably clear, but this temperature drop could create some icy patches in some areas.

Forecast map valid midnight-midnight: Friday, January 17, 2014.