Valentino Practice Forecast

FORECAST UPDATED: 1:15 pm EST Thursday January 16, 2014 by Melissa Valentino (

Summary: Clean out the grocery stores it's going to be big. Snowpacalypse 2025

Valid for 1 Jan 2025


The warm weather we’ve been enjoying will not last. That warm weather is actually cause for great concern on the roads. As the cold front pushes through we are to expect freezing rain and any rain that occurred prior will freeze and ice over the roads. The rain will eventually become snow in the late afternoon. The snow accumulation will be immense through most of the state. It could reach depths of seven feet in the northern part of the state. While the winter weather seems to significantly in certain areas more than others, the northern and central districts should be on alert. It seems to be the star before the storm.

Crawfordsville district forecast/discussion

This district will be severely hit by ice especially after 3 pm and the school of Purdue should close early for a few days for good measure.

The next few days:

The snow will accumulate through the night with no chance of stopping for the next 48 hours. As a new system pushes through the southern half of the state should expect as high snow accumulation by the end of Tuesday. Also be aware of winds picking up during the next 24 hours with wind gusts of up to 85 mph. So if you want to save gas all you need is to go sailing. We should see a break in this weather by Thursday if anyone is still alive.

Forecast map valid midnight-midnight: Monday, January 1, 2025