Brian Harvey 10/19 Short-Range Forecast

Forecast updated 3:30pm EDT - 19 Oct 2011

The current radar shows a deepening low pressure system located near Cincinnati. This system has been responsible for quite substantial raindfall amounts in the Midwest as well as sever weather in the Southeast/Mid Atlantic States. Behind the low cold temperature and strong winds are expected as this system propagates northeat into Canada.

Below is 18Z thursday (2:00 pm) forecast of the NAM model. The low pressure moves into the Great Lakes and become occluded. The rain assocaited with the cold front moves off the East Coast and rain wrapping around the low center causes rain to persist in the Indiana/Ohio area. With the low being fairly deep, the winds on the north and west sides of the low will be strong. Wind advisories are already in place in near Lake Michigan.

By 18Z Friday, the low coninues to move northeastwarc into Canada bu weakens substantially. The rain associated with the low has dimished and the cold front is completely off the East Coast. In the South, high pressure begins to build in bringing warmer air from the Gulf of Mexico northward into the Plains. The next weather system can be seen in the Pacific Northwest and may to be monitored next week.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Brian Harvey