11/9: 0-2 Day Outlook

Forecast updated 2:00pm EST - 9 Nov 2011

The biggest story over the next couple of days is the drastic change in the temperature in the Midwest. Ahead of the cold front, there is a band of precip as well as wrap around precip in the location of the low. With the passage of the cold front today followed by strong cold air advection, we are looking to see sharply falling temperatures throughout the day today. For students staying on campus all day, they may be surprised when they leave and it's much colder then when they got to campus. With the influx of cold air, expect a low near freezing tonight.

The story continues tomorrow with more cold air advection into the Midwest as the front pushes off to the East Coast. Expect a high tomorrow in only the lower 40s and a strong freeze as our temperature drops into the mid/high 20s tomorrow night.

As the low moves northeast on Friday, a slight warm up will occur bringing us into the low 50s as a high.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Kandace Kiefer