9/14 Short Range Forecast

Forecast updated 2:30 p.m. EDT Sep 14

Much of the Ohio Valley will see rain this afternoon and tonight as this cluster of thundershowers moves east-northeastward across the region associated with a weak low pressure system in Missouri. Rain will be appreciated in most of these locations particularly Illinois and Indiana where abnormally dry conditions are persisting.

Looking ahead to thursday, rain associated with a fairly strong cold front is moving eastward into the Appalacians. Behind it temperatures are much cooler with freeze warnings and frost advisories in place across the Upper Midwest and Nothern Plains with overnight lows near freezing. In the tropics, Tropical Storm Maria continues to fight upper level shear hindering its development and pushing it away from the East Coast. Elsewhere, parts of the Texas Panhandle should receive some drought relief with rain possible.

For Friday, Tropical Storm Maria moves further away from the coast no threat to the U.S.. High pressure dominates the Midwest with cool temperatures in the mid 60s. Further north in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains, warmer temperatures beginning to return with highs into the 60s again. The cold front and precip moves off the East Coast allowing high pressure to move into the East as well.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Brian Harvey