Chris Ward September 2 Short Range

Forecast updated 12:20pm EDT - 2 September 2011

The story for today are the potential record high temperatures as forecasted highs for Indiana are expected to reach near 100°F. The Plains states, especially Iowa are facing possible severe storms as a cold front moves through the area and is expected to reach Indiana by Saturday night. The focus for Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf is the developing Tropical Depression 13 and when and where it will make landfall. Hurricane Katia remains in the Atlantic and whether or not it will make landfall is uncertain, but Katia will continue to strengthen.

Saturday September 3rd into Sunday September 4th, we will continue to track the advancing cold front as it brings along the possibility of severe weather into southern Michigan and Wisconsin along with northern Illinois. For Purdue, high temperatures are expected to remain in the upper 90's until the cold front finally pushes through providing some relief as highs are only expected to be in the low 80s for Sunday, along with this cold front, the greatest probability for rain will occur Saturday night. Sunday could see the landfall of Tropical Depression 13 along Louisiana. Much of the Plains states will see some relief from the cooler temperatures.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Chris Ward