Day 3-7 Outlook for September 23-26

Forecast updated 12:00pm EDT - 19 September 2011

Large Low Pressure System and Tracking the Rain for the First Day of Autumn

The day before Autumn starts, will see the arrival of cooler temperatures. The main focus is going to be the low pressure system, and the associated cold front bringing rain into much of the Southeast and East Coast along with rain in the Upper Great Lakes Region. Following the low will be an extensive high pressure system pulling cooler air in behind it into Minnesota and Wisconsin.

This low pressure system, as it moves off into northeast Canada, and rain will be tracked into Friday evening as it continues to dump rain along the Eastern Seaboard. Afterwards, high pressure will dominate the area bringing about fairly cooler temperatures for much of the Midwest while the Great Plains area could see a warmup into the weekend. Not much activity is expected once the cold front pushes off into the Atlantic.

The Atlantic Hurricane season is still in full swing, and an area of low pressure is being monitored for the possible development into a Tropical Depression around this time frame.

today's long-range forecast graphic was produced by Chris Ward