Outlook for 3-7 days (9-14-11)


We will begin to see warmer temperatures as we work ino next week. These temperatures will presist through the forecast period. Early next week a cold front will begin to work our way, and with it bring us some rain chances through Wednesday.

  • For days 3-4 a center of high pressure will bring in warmer temperatures with a wind generally from the southeastern direction. We can expect lows around 50. A center of low pressure will also begin to develop in the plains, and will begin to move in Monday and Tuesday.
  • By Monday and Tuesday, a cold front begins to approach giving Indiana a chance for precipiation as we work through the beginning of the week. Temperatures will warm as the warm from works to the west, and then on Tuesday and Wednesday cloudier conditions and the possiblity for precipitation will begin to work into Indiana.

Forecast Provided By: Kristen Fischer